Melia Suciati
Hi, and welcome to my blog, which I created to collect infos about Beauty, Food and Travelling for you to compare

Who am I? 

Hi, I’m Melia Suciati, 24'yo – some people call me Melia.
I'm a Beauty Blogger. Now I live in Denpasar, Bali. In this blog I will share about beauty, food and travelling reviews.

Where you can find me?

Check my contact page for all the links.

Why I did this blog?

On this blog I want to share about beauty skincare, beauty events and beauty tutorials.
I have an oily face and tend to be normal. My skin condition is now smoothed and breakouts. Until now I tried to eliminate by using natural skincare.
I like to cook because I do it every day and besides that I have a hobby of traveling and also culinary.

I'm a proud wife of Ahda Nizar Anhar. We got married on September 2016 and not have a child yet. Hopefully one day we can have a beautiful daughter and or hansome son. I'm a founder of @ms.balirotan (rattan bag) and @meliascarves (hijab).

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